The Suzette Charles of Domain Registration

Chuckles The Clown

Millions of media outlets (well, only two) have reached out to me ever since I registered In all honestly they really want the face behind

The Race to

but the registrant for that domain decided to pay the extra $8 bucks it costs to go stealth on GoDaddy. So instead they get me, the Suzette Charles of domain registrations. For those of you who may not remember – Suzette Charles replaced Vanessa Williams after she was stripped of her crown when compromising pictures of her surfaced.  Oh my how times have changed.

Back to my story. . .had I only gotten up 30 minutes earlier. But as I tell myself — “you hardly sleep anymore as it is!” Still kudos to

Not Dot Com

Roger Friedman who texted on Monday — the day after the battle of the domains — while I was at CVS. There I was explaining — “no I’m not .com” while my pharmacist was handing over my Xanax.

Then I wake up Friday. I start watching Rachel Maddow who I had DVRed. It’s 3am. I turn on the cel, and there I see a text from NBC News.

I spoke to Erin Calabrese, from NBC digital later that day. She too was for the person behind, but we spoke anyway. Our convo ended with her calling me PLUCKYNot really familiar with the word, I asked her to repeat: “Plucky. It’s a compliment.” Like Mary Richard’s delayed reaction to Chuckle’s the Clown death, I finally got a little emotional about MTM’s passing. Mary Richards the associate producer at WPLJ was my hero. And she was SPUNKY. All my life I wanted the Lou Grants of my world to call me SPUNKY.  But, that’s ok . . . I’ll take PLUCKY. Erin is no Lou — but let’s face who is —  regardless, I can now yell from the not-real-purple mountain majesties that Erin Calabrese from NBC Digital called me PLUCKY.

I can die happy! Thank you ERIN!

Seriously now, during our talk, Erin asked the why behind AlternativeFacts. Why did I start the website? I got long winded with her. My usual MO. But here I will keep it short. Trump wants to be emperor of all he surveys and then some. In order for that to happen, the press has to be complicit, which so far they seem to be without realizing the danger in that.

For all of you who clap and yell every time Trump calls the media “dishonest” or calls CNN “fake news” be careful.

Because there really is no other way of stating this: America is great because we have Freedom of the Press.

So Erin, this is the least I can do…

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